Who are we ?

Hello les aventuriers !


 Rémy and MélodyRémy and Mélo, we are a passionate couple who live life the fullest and are in love with journeys and travelling. We love discovering local habits, landscapes and specially the wildlife

We traveled in many countries using many different ways. We now offer you to discover the one that blew us away the most

Every tip has made us evolve in both professional and personal ways

We have taken back with us a lot visual, materials and cultural memories

Everyone of these countries has given us many wonderfulness that we'd like to share with you

Rémy, who'll be your guide will follow in the whole trip. He will not be just a regular guide because he ll be sharing his passion, knowledge and humour

Go on a journey with ASGARD is going on insolite places in small groups with people just like you, passionate

 Throughout this journey we will forge bonds of friendship and you will return changed.

We hope to have you with us very soon

" Stay is existing. But travel is living" (Gustave Nadaud)